10 Ocak 2013 Perşembe

Wild ones

Be the last man standing in this ultimate free online game! In Wild Ones, you choose a cute pet and arm it with hard-core weapons. Do you want to arm your pet with missiles, grenades, baby nukes, or laser guns? Choose a weapon and enter a live multi-player match where your goal is crush your competition. Blow your opponents out of the water with your big, powerful weapons and expert maneuvering of your pets!
Wild Ones provides you with never-ending challenges and nonstop fun. There are always new maps to explore and new competitors to beat. Practice playing on your own, or even invite your friends into private matches and see who really dominates!
Choose your weapon and talk some smack in this live-action, multi-player game where beating your opponents gets you serious bragging rights. There's a cute bunny waiting for you, so teach him how to shoot that gamma ray — play Wild Ones now!

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